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With an understanding that not all not-for-profit organizations are created equal, Jamie's Wish Foundation was born to be set apart.  The foundation was started by several of Jamie Barkes Pursley's closest friends.  In 2011, When Jamie realized her life was coming to an end, she asked her friends about the possibility of raising enough money to give the infusion suite at Lawrence Memorial Hospital a facelift. 

Jamie spent countless hours in the infusion suite receiving chemotherapy.  Simply stated, despite the best of intentions of the staff and administration, it wasn't the most comfortable or relaxing space to spend hours upon hours in.  Jamie wanted to change that for other patients and their loved ones.

Shortly after Jamie's death, several of Jamie's friends met with key administrators at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  Those closest to Jamie wanted to get her last wish underway as quickly as possible.  Through various fundraisers, media attention and friends and family coming together, Jamie's Wish Foundation raised close to $150,000 within just a few months.  Every penny was donated to the LMH Oncology & Hematology Center's renovation project.

Founder, Aimee Jackson Chadwick stated, "Interior design is not just a passion of mine.  I have recognized to what degree interior environments shape our mood and capabilities.  Healing is one of the most important aspects of human existence.  Intersecting these two elements has become my life's goal."  She continued, "The simple thing to do is to be compassionate.  The harder thing to do is to accept the responsibility of taking action where its needed.  I am surrounded by professionals within this beautiful organization that are consistently rolling up their sleeves and getting the good work done."  She added, " We live by the words of the Matthew West song, Do Something; If not us, then who?... If not now, then when?...  It's not enough to do nothing...  It is time for us to do something."

In 2016, Andy Tyhurst had a heartfelt conversation with Aimee Jackson shortly after they became friends regarding the idea of transforming another cancer center.  Andy had Stage IV appendix cancer.  He too, wanted to help cancer patients feel better during chemotherapy sessions with an updated infusion suite.  This project will benefit The University of Kansas Cancer Center North location, where Andy received his treatments.  Fundraising is now underway and we can use your help.

Jamie's Wish Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  It is a patient driven group which uses evidence based design.  It's purpose is the remodeling of cancer centers/infusion suites so patients and their families can have a relaxing, comfortable experience.  Just the way Jamie wanted it.

The Jamie's Wish Foundation Board of Directors

Aimee Jackson Chadwick
Founder and President                                                    achadwick@jaimeswish.org

Kelli Alldredge 
Co-Founder and Vice President kalldredge@jaimeswish.org

Jon Chadwick
Vice President of Operations & Communication

Kristin Pearson 

Lisa Prosser

Jamie Borgman
Director of Public Relations                              pr@jamieswish.org

Meghan Dudek
Director of Design

Christine Schlomann
Director of Legal Services

Nicole Spachman
Community Outreach

Jacob Hopkins
Assistant Treasurer

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Jim Voight 
Web Design and Graphic Design

Allysen Sawatzke
Logo Graphic Design