Welcome to Jamie's Wish Foundation... 

Our Mission: To make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer by providing a more healing and comfortable environment for receiving infusions. 

Research has shown that with the right setting, healing can improve via the reduction of stress.  With a highly orchestrated plan and expert execution, a healing and comfortable environment in a medical setting is achievable.       See more on Evidence Based Design here.

Jamie's Wish Foundation was started in honor of Jamie Barkes Pursley.  Jamie spent countless hours receiving chemotherapy at Lawrence Memorial Hospital Oncology & Hematology Center in Lawrence, KS. 

When Jamie realized her life was coming to an end, she did what she had always done; she focused her energy and spirit on others.  Her last wish was to improve the 15 private infusion suites at Lawrence Memorial Hospital Oncology & Hematology Center.  She prayed the rooms could be much more comfortable, calming, relaxing and healing for patients and their families in the future. 

After a five year battle, Jamie passed away in March of 2011.  She was only 35 years old.  In spite of her shortened time on Earth, she had a beautiful life.  She has a husband, daughter, parents, family and friends who to this day, love and miss her dearly.

Through fundraising efforts and the passionate determination of dedicated professionals, Jamie's wish came true.  All 15 suites at Lawrence Memorial received infusions of their own.  The required capital was raised and the project was completed in record time.  The project commenced in August of 2011 with a goal of $100,000.  Within 90 days, nearly $150,000 was raised.  The dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony was March 30, 2012, exactly 1 year and 1 day after the world lost Jamie.

Jamie's kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity lives on through Jamie's Wish Foundation.  Please help us keep her legacy alive with your love and support. Click here to make a tax deductible donation.


See below for a video of Andy 7 days before we lost him, speaking of the University of Kansas Cancer Center-North Project (includes images of the facility as it is today):


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