Jamie's Wish is a non-profit organization with one purpose, to make cancer centers more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for patients and their loved ones.

Jamie's Wish was started in honor of Jamie Barkes Pursley.  Jamie had breast cancer.  She spent countless hours receiving chemotherapy at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Lawrence, KS. 

When Jamie realized her life was coming to an end, she turned her focus to helping others.  Just before she died she asked her friends to please update the infusion suite.  She wanted it to be a more comfortable, calming, relaxing environment for others.  It was her last wish. 

After a five year battle, Jamie passed away in March of 2011.  She was only 35 years old.  She had a beautiful life.  She had a husband, daughter, parents, family and friends who to this day, love and miss her dearly.

Though various fundraisers and pure determination, Jamie's wish came true.  The infusion suite that was once outdated and uncomfortable, was transformed.  Money was raised and the project was completed in record time.  It took just 12 short months.

Jamie's kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity lives on through Jamie's Wish.  Please help us keep her legacy alive.

Our Current Fundraising Goals

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