Our Story

Jamie's Wish was started by several of Jamie's closest friends.  In 2011, When Jamie realized her life was coming to an end, she told her friends she wanted them to raise money to give the infusion suite at Lawrence Memorial Hospital a facelift. 

Jamie spent countless hours in the infusion suite receiving chemotherapy.  It wasn't the most comfortable or relaxing space and she wanted to change that for other patients and their loved ones.

Shortly after Jamie's death, several of Jamie's friends met with key administrators at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  The group wanted to get Jamie's Wish underway as quickly as possible.  Through various fundraisers, media attention, friends and family coming together, Jamie's Wish raised close to $150,000 within a few months.  Every penny was donated to the LMH Oncology Center.

In 2016, Andy Tyhurst, reached out to Jamie's Wish in hopes of transforming another cancer center.  Andy has Stage IV appendix cancer.  He, too, wants to help cancer patients feel better during chemotherapy sessions with an updated infusion suite. This project will benefit The University of Kansas Cancer Center North location.  Fundraising is just now underway.

Jamie's Wish Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  It is a patient driven group.  It's purpose is the remodeling of cancer centers/infusion suites so patients and their families can have a relaxing, comfortable experience.  Just the way Jamie wanted it.

Board Members

Aimee Jackson 

Kelli Alldredge 

Kristin Pearson 
Media Coordinator

Kelly Hancox 
Media Coordinator

Jamie Borgman
Social Media


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Allysen Sawatzke
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